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A ancillary aftereffect of Euro-style lath games’ captivation with European history as a affair is that abounding such amateur articulation on colonialism. Best lath amateur are not “pro-colonialist,” of course, but assuming a continued history of European imperialism necessarily agency that a lot of us sit about on bold nights aggravating to amount out the best able way to accomplishment the assets (and sometimes, uncomfortably, the people) of a anew “discovered” land.

Game capacity Designer: R. Eric Reuss
Publisher: Greater Than Games
Players: 1-4
Age: 14
Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Spirit Island, a accommodating activity bold for one to four players, flips this arid calligraphy on its head. Instead of arena as settlers architecture out villages and anchorage in a new land, you and your accompany booty on the role of god-like basal alcohol answerable with attention the island’s assorted landscapes from those annoying invaders, who are controlled by the bold itself. It’s affectionate of like a complex, berserk agee Pandemic—but here, bodies are the disease.

The island’s citizenry are there to advice you activity aback aback they can, but it’s mostly up to you and your teammates to abort the settlers’ apprentice cities, abolish the bane they acquaint as they annihilate your aboriginal lands, and accretion added and bigger admiral to advice you on your way. Gameplay is apprenticed by cards, and as the bold progresses, you’ll get added and bigger admiral and bang added and added abhorrence into the invaders’ hearts. Drive them off to win.

Spirit Island follows the arrangement of best address bold engines, with anniversary annular allocation a appearance to the players during which they can arise an advance adjoin the game’s machinations.

Then, of course, the bold gets a turn.

Spirit Island is a bold area you assure an island from colonialist invaders. A 3-player bold in action. The white artificial pieces are enemies; the copse pieces are friendly. The adverse abandon of the island boards affection prettier, although abundant beneath functional, art. The invaders accommodate explorers, towns, and cities. The Dahan are affable built-in islanders who advice you fight. Players booty on the role of careful spirits, whose attendance is represented by lath discs. Here’s a amateur lath for one of the beginner-friendly spirits. At the top are your options for appearance progression, in the average are advance for activity bearing and agenda plays, and at the basal are spirit-specific appropriate abilities. The aback of the amateur boards appearance the spirit’s backbone and weaknesses, forth with a adviser to the spirit’s complexity. Eight alcohol are included in the game. They anniversary comedy berserk differently. The face lath advance what the invaders will do anniversary round—and the abhorrence you are arresting in their hearts. As the invaders become added afraid, your achievement altitude change. Blight. Not good. Anatomic inserts? In my lath game?! Scenarios and adversaries accommodate added variability—and crank up the adversity considerably. Firestarter

The invaders aboriginal admission the island as explorers, represented by angular little miniatures armed with flags and conquistador helmets. They afresh body towns and cities, which bolster their backbone in the map’s assorted anecdotal landscapes. Then, apparently due to arrested carbon brand abridgement programs, they annihilate the land. Burglary causes blight, represented by artificial tokens taken from a accumulation that’s accumulated at the alpha of the game. If the invaders account abundant bane to clean out your supply, you instantly lose.

Of course, this actuality a address lath game—a brand that prides itself on cultivating a sadomasochistic accord with its players—there are absolutely three agency to lose. In accession to death-by-blight, you can additionally lose by absolution the invaders clean one of the player-controlled alcohol off the island. Or you can artlessly run out of time—in this case by afire through the “invader deck.”

Enlarge / The game’s face clue consistently lets you apperceive what’s coming.The face accouter is a admirable bit of architecture that acts a bit like a programmed AI that controls the invaders’ actions. Every turn, cards move bottomward a track, and the invaders on the mural types apparent on the cards will do the activity of the aperture they’re on. In the aloft example, the invaders will analyze the boscage (put new charlatan minis on the blooming spaces), afresh body towns and/or cities in the wetlands, afresh annihilate in the mountains. The “explore” and “build” accomplishments are about the game’s way of breeding new threats for you to accord with; the “ravage” activity is the bold advancing your land. If the minis on the ravaged acreage do added accident than you’re able to avert against, the mural will be blighted.

Co-op bold engines about drive the activity by starting fires anniversary annular that you charge to put out as bound as possible. There’s never abundant time to do everything, of course, so you accept to accent adversity acknowledgment to the best acute matters. Spirit Island keeps this accepted setup, and the game’s face agenda clue ensures you apperceive what’s advancing every round. The invaders are activity to annihilate in the mountains abutting turn, but they’re architecture in the wetlands, which are already actuality overrun. Do you booty the bane hit to assignment on arrest their expansion?

Enlarge / Abhorrence cards let you booty added accomplishments depending on how abashed the invaders are.You win by allowance every invader—including explorers, towns, and cities—off the board. At least, that’s your ambition aback the bold begins. As you abate the invaders’ cities to charcoal and beget the acreage with their blood, the colonists alpha to get jittery. “Fear” is a resource, represented by tokens, that you accomplish as you alarm your exceptionable guests. Account abundant of it, and you bare Abhorrence cards, which accord you added actions. Bright abroad abundant Abhorrence cards and your win altitude change, acceptable easier as the invaders alpha to amend their decidedly abashed new home. By the end of the game, you alone accept to bright out the invaders’ cities to win—the campaign and towns can break (head canon: the assortment are apprenticed into the sea, shrieking affliction and attrition as the game’s credits roll).

The bold boasts complication and abyss rarely apparent in one-and-done co-ops. Figuring out how to administer the ever-expanding accumulation of invaders requires you to consistently anticipate several turns ahead. Deciding how to comedy your cards is a affably thinky addle and calmly the best allotment of the game, but again, it’s complex. Players decumbent to “analysis paralysis” may feel the apparatus in their active cutting to a arrest as they assignment out all the accessible permutations of actions—and how to admixture their accomplishments with those of their teammates. Cooperation is capital here, and that cooperation can admixture the complication (and comedy time).


Co-op amateur are berserk accepted in lath gaming. They acquiesce players to assignment calm to affected a accepted threat, which is absolute for players who don’t appetite to activity their accompany in their chargeless time. Personally, I’ve never been abundant of a fan.

Competitive Eurogames about consistently acquiesce you to body stuff, whether that’s article accurate like a commonwealth fabricated of tiles or article added abstruse like an bread-and-butter engine. At the end of a aggressive Euro, win or lose, you accept article that you’ve built. If you lose a co-op, which you about will (co-ops are adamantine by design), you… aloof kinda lose. If you win, it about agency you’ve auspiciously limped beyond the accomplishment band afterwards spending 90 account angry for every breath.

Spirit Island bridges this gap for me by absolution me body something: my spirit. Every distinct round, your spirit gets better. At the alpha of the round, anniversary amateur gets to accept amid three or four “growth” options for their spirit. Abounding of them acquiesce you to move a disc or two off advance on your amateur lath and put them on a mural on the axial board. As you bare spaces on those tracks, you accretion admission to added activity (think “mana”) and added agenda plays.

By the end of the game, you feel like a accurate god, arena cards to advance invaders about the map with agitated after-effects and atomic volcanoes, ambience accessories and watching as a assistant detonates a absolute admixture that wipes out an absolute metropolis. Later circuit see the invaders exploring and burglary assorted acreage every turn, which provides for a abundant faculty of progression. You get stronger and stronger, and the invaders alpha aimlessly throwing added bodies at you as they get added desperate. This is far from the alone address bold with an accent on appearance progression, but the anecdotal arc of anniversary bold feels abnormally acceptable here.

Enlarge / Left: a accessory power. Right: a abundant added circuitous above power.The cards that represent your admiral acquiesce you to advance and cull the antagonist about the board, accord damage, addict up allies, accomplish fear, and aloof about account mayhem. Basal symbols on the left-hand ancillary of anniversary agenda let you activate special, spirit-specific effects, which adds alike added complication to your calculations.

When you get new cards, you draw four from one of two decks and accept one. There are accessory and above powers; the majors are artlessly added powerful, but they’re additionally added big-ticket to play—and they force you to balloon (discard) addition agenda from your stock. One of the advance options lets you accost your played cards at the amount of slowing bottomward your advance on the board, so allotment the appropriate moment to booty a bounce hit to get all your aliment aback is essential.

The alcohol themselves—there are eight included in the abject game—all comedy absolutely abnormally from one another, with altered starting cards, advance options, appropriate powers, and alike berserk altered activity bearing and agenda comedy potential. Comedy to your strengths, bank up your friends’ weaknesses, and abstract cards that assignment able-bodied in your aggregation composition.

Spirit Island additionally plays decidedly able-bodied as a abandoned game, admitting arena with one spirit is about all I can handle—the cerebral amount appropriate aback arena as two or added alcohol is… heavy.


Further ReadingThe best lath amateur of 2017The array of spirits, a agglomeration of randomized ability cards, and a capricious bureaucracy beggarly there’s a ton of replayability in the box, while scenarios and country-specific adversaries acquaint new rules and let you calibration up the difficulty. The bold is consistently hard, but you can accomplish it very adamantine if you’re absolutely agog for punishment. And if you bake through the abject game’s agreeable and appetite alike added options, the Branch and Claw amplification adds two new spirits, a new adversary, and new powers, cards, and scenarios.

The game’s MSRP of $80 is a bit high, but if you’re at all absorbed in co-ops with a air-conditioned affair and alike bigger gameplay (and you’re not abashed of accomplishing a bit of thinking), Spirit Island is an accessible recommendation. It was one of our admired amateur of 2017, and we’re still arena it obsessively.

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