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News Taxpayers abandoned as bug hits iTax systemTuesday, December 18, 2018 9:58By BRIAN NGUGIKRA commissioner-general John Njiraini (left) explains to a aborigine how itax works. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Thousands of taxpayers, who own rental houses, accept been disturbing to book account rental assets tax allotment afterwards the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) agenda tax acquittal belvedere iTax failed.

Property owners said they were clumsy to book allotment from aftermost ages back they began encountering the challenge.

Property owners are appropriate to book account rental assets by 20th of the afterward ages and abiding dysfunction of the belvedere sets the date for a accessible accumulation up of filings advanced of Thursday deadline.

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Persons with rental assets amid Sh144,000 and Sh10 actor per annum are appropriate to complete a account tax acknowledgment declaring the gross hire from which tax payable is computed at the bulk of 10 percent.

Filing the acknowledgment via iTax enables a user to accomplish a acquittal slip, which is presented to any of the KRA-appointed banks for acquittal of the due tax.

One afflicted home buyer said he had not been able to pay the tax admitting extensive out to KRA for help.

The Business Daily abstruse that a bug had adulterated the system, causing it to stall.

“Apparently there was some bug in the arrangement that afflicted the Excel template,” a antecedent at KRA, who cannot be called because he is not authorised to allege for the organisation, said.

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KRA had by abutting of business bygone not responded to our queries on the abstruse glitch.

The taxman, however, accepted the actuality of the block in a apprehension on its amusing media belvedere afterwards it asked those clumsy to book allotment to ability out to the bureau for assistance.

“Having issues filing your account returns?” KRA posed. “Kindly allotment your email abode via inbox/direct bulletin so that we can accelerate you the account rental assets Excel area to facilitate your filing of tax returns.”

KRA again apprenticed the afflicted taxpayers, in a consecutive apprehension on amusing media, to appointment its aperture www.kra.go.ke to admission a account rental assets Excel area to facilitate filing.

Tax experts said the taxman actively bare to adjust the arrangement for purposes of acceptable ability for taxpayers and announcement tax compliance.

“It is actual analytical that the annihilate is actively addressed,” said Mr Nikhil Hira, a tax able and administrator at law close Bowman’s Kenya.

The afflicted taxpayers asked KRA not to abuse them with fines for delays that are not of their making. The taxman has in contempo years been on a active acquiescence drive to get landlords to pay rental assets tax.

Penalties for backward filing bulk to Sh20,000 or bristles percent of the tax due, whichever is higher, while the amends amounts to bristles percent of the tax due and a backward acquittal absorption of one percent per ages on the contributed tax until it is paid in full.

In February this year, KRA abeyant the processing of nil assets tax allotment for 2017, citation the charge to “reconfigure” the system.

iTax was launched in October 2013, as allotment of KRA’s modernisation plan aimed at simplifying the filing of tax allotment and acquisition added abstracts to allowance tax artifice loopholes.

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