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When autograph a able resume, ammo credibility or ability statements charge to be clear, blunt and targeted. They should outline means an controlling has adored money, fabricated money or quantifiably helped an alignment achieve its cardinal objectives. By acutely analogue and quantifying your achievements, you’re demonstrating your amount to the hiring administrator and adorable this being to appetite to appoint you.

Outlining a antecedent job has several components:

• Aggregation name, years at the aggregation and location

• Brief description of the company

• Job title

• Job responsibilities

• Ability statements or ammo points

Job Responsibilities

In anecdotic a job, the circadian responsibilities should be listed in book anatomy rather than ammo points. It’s best to accept sentences in this area alpha with a verb, and never use the byword “responsible for” in a resume. For example, adage “responsible for budget” is weaker than adage “managed account of $5 million.” Use an activity verb that conveys what you did. This way, you can outline your responsibilities abundant added acutely and powerfully.

For example, a sales administrator ability address his responsibilities as follows:

• “Managed a aggregation of eight sales assembly and oversaw two territories.”

• “Was challenged with growing three territories and managing six sales representatives.”

As an executive, you apparently accept ability in several areas and you won’t accept abundant allowance to call anniversary in too abundant of a fashion. The responsibilities area should not be too lengthy, about no added than three to six curve at the most.

All aloft responsibilities should be listed from a high-level. In added words, agenda your top-level albatross as “Project Manager” rather than accepting into the 15-20 duties of a activity manager.


The ammo credibility beneath the job description will outline absolute achievements. In this section, you’ll call accomplishments that are hopefully quantifiable.

You’ll appetite the ammo point to call the ambit of what you accomplished, and “front-load” the achievement, or put the assessable cardinal up front. By quantifying the accomplishment and agreement it at the beginning, the clairvoyant is able to construe how you ability be able to advice their aggregation achieve or save money. Putting the numbers at the alpha helps the clairvoyant blot the appulse you fabricated and brush down.

Below, the anemic examples allegorize added of what you did, admitting the able examples highlight the appulse your accomplishments had on the company.

Weak: Conducted algid calls, met with affairs and abounding barter shows to access sales.

Better: Added sales 20%, from $700,000 to $840,000, through business development activities including prospecting, networking with industry leaders, and allotment a clandestine accretion at the National Food and Beverage Show in 2018.

Weak: Managed to abound bazaar allotment during boxy industry conditions.

Better: Added bazaar allotment 25% year-over-year during time of all-embracing industry decline.

Below are examples of achievements from absolute controlling resumes:

VP Of Sales Resume

• Attained $80 actor in anniversary acquirement aural bristles years, affairs over 120,000 widgets, apery 25% of U.S. market.

• Grew sales 120% from $10 actor to $22 actor and bazaar allotment from 17% to 20% over a nine-year aeon by growing absolute accounts, accepting new clients, and accumulation open-day events.

VP Of HR Resume

• Led aptitude accretion action throughout a 12-month aeon of 65% advance in animal capital.

• Added capability of HR team’s time by >20% by proactively communicating aggregation updates and facilitating contiguous meetings.

VP Of Operations Resume

• Bargain activity costs by 55%, consistent in activity accumulation of $127,000, by arch angular projects to apparatus centrally amid processes.

• Bargain costs by $1 actor and added accommodation appliance by accumulation centralized and alien raw actual sourcing.

CFO Resume

• Facilitated closing of California facility, extenuative $520,000 annually in acreage and absolute acreage taxes and rent. As a result, bargain headcount by 53, alone underutilization, added Ohio accommodation and bargain anchored costs.

• Captured a 15% accumulation in barter affairs by alteration suppliers, extenuative 300 base credibility per transaction.

President/General Administrator Resume

• Produced 10-25% EBITDA (earnings afore interest, taxes, abrasion and amortization) across the aeon while carrying able banking performance.

• Integrated $413 actor XYZ Corporation acquisition; divested non-core artefact curve and business carve-outs to cardinal buyers during 2012-2014.

Each of the aloft ammo credibility captures the quantitative achievement, put the accomplishment into ambience and explains what the controlling did to achieve the achievement.

Try to absolute the cardinal of accomplishments to 3-4, or 6 at most. If a resume has too abounding accomplishments, it becomes adamantine to read. With six or added accomplishments, assort them for easier skimming, again put beneath than six beneath anniversary category. By appropriately documenting your accomplishments, you’ll accept a able resume that abundantly conveys the amount you accompany to an organization.


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