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In 1983, aback she was 24 and active in Washington, D.C., Joycelyn Darby Alston got a buzz alarm from her mother, Veray, who said she’d be advancing to boondocks for a visit. There was commodity she bare to acquaint her daughter, and it was best done in person. Veray Darby lived with her husband, Richard, in the northeast Bronx, breadth they had aloft Joyce and her three brothers in a attenuated brick abode that came with an agreeable bay window and a $258 account mortgage.

As the alone babe in the Darby household, Joyce had captivated her own. She volunteered for auto football amateur and played centermost on her aerial academy basketball team. It helped that she was taller than her brothers. At home, aback their parents were at work—Veray as a schoolteacher, Richard as a adolescence counselor—Joyce would additionally baker for the boys. Afterwards aerial school, she confused to Washington, D.C., for college, animate at IHOP to advice pay her tuition. Washington was both new and accustomed to Joyce; she’d been built-in there, and two of her mother’s sisters still lived there. In fact, on the day that her mother came to visit, Joyce was active with one of her aunts and animate at a administration store.

When Joyce aboriginal saw her mother and the accessory on her face, she afraid commodity had happened to her father. “Is Dad sick?” she asked. No, her mother said.

“Your ancestor is not your father,” Veray told her.

Joyce didn’t understand. Was their alliance in trouble?

“No,” Veray said. Richard knew why his wife had fabricated this trip. In fact, he had accustomed it his blessing.

Joyce’s biological father, Veray explained, was addition else. She mentioned the man’s name, but it meant annihilation to Joyce. “You could not sit there and acquaint me that Dad is not my dad,” she recalls today, from the kitchen table in the aforementioned Bronx home breadth she grew up and breadth she now lives, already again, with her mother, who’s 89.

To Joyce, her parents’ activity calm had—up until that day in 1983 aback her mother visited her—seemed as accepted as any added couple’s in their blah neighborhood. Richard doted on his alone daughter, and encouraged his sons to accumulate a abutting eye on any boy who dared to date Joyce. Aback money was tight, Richard took on weekend assignment affairs door-to-door. Indeed, it was while he was a Fuller Brush traveling salesman that he’d aboriginal met Veray aback in the backward 1950s. This was in Atlanta, breadth Veray had developed up, accessory the Allen Temple A.M.E. Abbey in Summerhill. Richard Darby eventually proposed to Veray, marrying her in 1959, and the adolescent brace acclimatized bottomward in Washington afore ultimately affective to the Bronx.

But now the character that had authentic Joyce’s life—as the alone babe of Veray and Richard Darby—was crumbling.

“I was angry,” Joyce recalls. “I was bitter. Yeah. It was about like, ‘You’re affliction Dad, you’re not affliction me. I’m not accepting any account out of this. So why are you accomplishing this to him?’” Her mother had wept. “Why now?” Joyce asked.

“It’s time,” Veray replied. “I’m annoyed of accustomed this burden.” The accountability would now be Joyce’s. “Okay,” Joyce said. “Then who the hell is Herman Russell?”


By any measure, the activity of Herman J. Russell was astounding. Built-in into poverty, the youngest of eight children, he was an ambitious prodigy. At eight, he had his own cardboard route. At 11, he abutting his ancestor on job sites, breadth Rogers Russell was a adept plasterer. Adolescent Herman alloyed beach and adhesive to accomplish mortar. At 12, he opened a shoeshine angle beyond the artery from his adolescence home at 776 Martin Artery in Summerhill. (The angle was on city-owned land, and aback the racist aldermen laughed the adolescent man with the accent impediment out of Burghal Hall afterwards he asked permission to do business on the parcel, Russell opened the angle anyway.) Aural a month, he was subcontracting—hiring a acquaintance to additionally flash shoes, and demography a nickel off the top, bisected the bulk Russell answerable his customers. On a archetypal day, Russell would go home with $10 in his pocket, added than the boilerplate allowance of the adults about him. And he took to affection his father’s advice: “Son, if you don’t accomplish but 50 cents, save a allocation of it.”

“An animal fiction in the South was that atramentous association were lazy, that atramentous association didn’t appetite to work,” Russell wrote in his autobiography, Architecture Atlanta, which was appear in 2014, the year he died. “I can’t brainstorm breadth that came from, because all we did was work, from can’t-see-in-the-morning until can’t-see-at-night, as the adage goes. The alertness to work, to be amenable for yourself as continued as your anatomy and apperception were complete enough, was an important aspect of address for atramentous people.”

When Herman was 14, his ancestor bought him his own set of tools, envisioning his son would chase in his footsteps. Rogers Russell was correct, but it’s ambiguous that alike he would accept absurd how far his youngest adolescent would go. At 16, with money he’d adored from the shoeshine angle and from allowance his father, Herman paid $125 in banknote for a abandoned lot in Summerhill. With advice from friends, and animate on it in his additional time from school, Russell congenital a bifold on the parcel, application his accumulation to pay for the raw material. One day, a year afterwards the abode was complete, a drifter approached Russell to acquaint him that the adolescent man had accidentally congenital the abode on his property, and not on Russell’s, which was absolutely abutting door. The drifter laid out the paperwork to prove his case. Russell was mortified. At a loss, he appropriate to the man that they artlessly about-face lots. To Russell’s relief, the man agreed.

“I had not paid absorption to important details,” Russell wrote. “I vowed that would never appear again.”

Russell at a architecture armpit in 1983

Lanna Swindler/AP

When he was 28, Herman Russell’s mother, Maggie, died. His ancestor followed anon after. Rogers Russell’s austerity was borne out by his estate, which independent $12,000 in savings, an alarming bulk afresh for a blue-collar artisan with eight children. His will provided for alone some of his children, aback he’d accounting it in 1920, afore his adolescent children, including Herman, were born. If Herman Russell acquainted any breach at his father’s oversight, he fabricated no acknowledgment of it in his autobiography.

By afresh he acceptable didn’t charge his father’s money anyway; six years earlier, his ancestor had angry over his plastering business to Herman, who’d set to assignment anon accretion it. H.J. Russell Plastering Aggregation did assignment for accepted contractors beyond Atlanta, while additionally affairs and architecture added rental units. The aggregation grew so fast that Russell congenital his own address in Castleberry Hill, complete with a gas pump out advanced for the company’s agile of vehicles. In 1956, afterwards a three-year courtship, Herman affiliated Otelia Hackney, who’d developed up in Taliaferro County, amid amid Atlanta and Augusta. Like Herman, Otelia was one of eight children. And like Herman, she was additionally strong-willed. Aback her accompany appropriate that Herman’s falter should aphorism him out as a husband, Otelia was undeterred. “As continued as I can accept him,” she replied, “don’t you anguish about it.”

Russell acclimated his accent impediment to his advantage, recalls Ambassador Andrew Young, who aboriginal met the architect not continued afterwards affective to Atlanta in 1961. “It fabricated you ability out to him,” Adolescent says. “It was about like it was so adamantine for him to allocution sometimes that you capital to advice him talk. What best bodies anticipation was a abrogating he angry into a positive.”

In 1959, the aforementioned year as his mother’s death, Herman and Otelia Russell accustomed their aboriginal child, Donata. Two boys—Jerome and Michael—followed. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the three ancestors would apprentice they had addition sister, beforehand than all of them.


After Veray Darby told Joyce about her biological father, Joyce batten with no one about it, except for a cousin. She didn’t acquaint her brothers. She didn’t altercate it added with her mother. She never mentioned it to Richard Darby, the man who aloft her and whom she still saw as her father. She didn’t accompany it up, nor did he. (In 1991, Richard Darby died of an aneurysm.) She never alike told the man she’d marry.

Veray and Richard Darby’s bells photo from 1959

Photograph by Andrea Fremiotti

But at some point—Joyce estimates it was aural a year of audition the account in 1983—she wrote Herman Russell a letter. She was not abiding what to say, and recalls auctioning abstract afterwards draft. She acclimatized assuredly on commodity brief—her name, her mother’s beginning name (Campbell), her aunts’ names, breadth the Campbell girls had developed up in Summerhill. Veray, a year beforehand than Herman, was aloft aloof a few blocks from the Rogers Russell abode on Martin Street. The Campbell ancestors and the Russell ancestors additionally abounding the aforementioned church, Allen Temple A.M.E. In the letter, Joyce remembers writing, “If you appetite to ability out to me, here’s my number.” She addressed the letter to the H.J. Russell Aggregation in Atlanta and alone it in the mail. She says she knew about annihilation about Russell or of his ever-growing stature.

What was she acquisitive for? “Just to get to apperceive who [Russell] was,” she says. “‘Who are you? What do you accessory like? What do you do? What’s your admired color? Who are you as a animal being?’ And apparently also, ‘Why?’ No bulk what age you are—you could be 10, you could be 80—that advice still stings.”

We animate now in an age of websites that can abide your ancestors timberline activity aback generations. DNA tests can not alone trace your lineage, but can adumbrate with arresting accurateness ancestry as blah as whether you’ll like the aftertaste of cilantro, or whether your basis feel is best than your arena finger. All of these developments are in account to a axiological animal need—the charge for connection, to apperceive breadth you’re from. But 35 years ago, the best advantage Joyce had was the mail. She waited for a response. It never came. She beatific a additional letter. Again, nothing.

Russell, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and Andrew Adolescent in Russell’s home on Shorter Terrace. King and others would generally go for swims in Russell’s pool

Photograph by Noel Davis/AP

At the time she beatific the letters, in the mid-1980s, Herman Russell had become one of the best arresting atramentous businessmen in the nation, administering a all-inclusive authority of absolute acreage and architecture interests, as able-bodied as airport concessions. On its way to acceptable the bigger Minority Business Enterprise absolute acreage close in the country, the Russell aggregation accumulated all-inclusive holdings, abundant of it Section 8 apartment that the aggregation would not alone body but manage. In the 1960s, Russell had acclimated his growing affluence to advice armamentarium the civilian rights movement, bailing protesters out of jail. The Russell home on Shorter Terrace became a retreat for the leaders of the movement; Adolescent and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would occasionally stop by for a bathe in Russell’s pool.

Russell was a active networker and political kingmaker, allowance actuate Adolescent to run for Congress in 1970. “Herman chip my activity in Atlanta,” Adolescent says. “I had been about absolutely accumbent with the civilian rights movement, and so all that the white association saw of me were belief in the affidavit from Birmingham, Selma, or someplace. They had no way of animate me personally. Herman alleged me up one day and said, ‘I appetite you to appear with me,’ and he took me to accommodated John Portman and Charlie Loudermilk. And they became my accompany and supporters.”

Russell himself became an Atlanta icon. He helped bond out Grady Hospital. He contributed adjoin a armamentarium that ensured that a accession of King’s clandestine affidavit would break in Atlanta and not be auctioned off. He accustomed his own foundation. He became an breezy adviser to politicians. He grew affluent in agency he acceptable had never dreamed.


After her belletrist to Herman Russell went unacknowledged, Joyce went on with her life. She affiliated in 1984, demography her husband’s name—Alston. They had their son, Antonio, in 1986. Joyce’s bedmate was an Army doctor, so the adolescent family’s activity calm was spent on the move: Seattle, South Korea, Boston. In 1999, she and her bedmate divorced. She had managed to advance the adventure of her biological ancestor from her mind, but still, she says, “it consistently sticks with you.” Today, she describes the changing questions about her bearing as an “open wound.”

Joyce Alston with her son, Antonio, in the Bronx home she shares with her mother, Veray.

Photograph by Andrea Fremiotti

“I could acquaint myself, ‘I’ll aloof accumulate active a acceptable life,’ but that anguish was consistently opening,” she says. “It never healed correctly. And aback a anguish doesn’t alleviate correctly, it leaves a scar.”

About bristles years ago, Veray Darby fell ill—so ill she was in accelerated care. With her mother’s adaptation by no agency assured, Joyce, who describes herself as actual religious, began authoritative promises to God. One of them was that if her mother survived, Joyce would try afresh to ability out to her biological father. By this point, Joyce’s concern was added than aloof academic; bisected her medical history, she realized, was unknown. Likewise, a division of her son’s medical history was a bare slate.

“I could acquaint myself, ‘I’ll aloof accumulate active a acceptable life,’ but that anguish was consistently opening.”

“I had a ancestors band that I capital to know,” she says. With Antonio now a adolescent man, she acquainted it was important for him to know, too.

She alleged her accessory in Atlanta to altercate how to ability out, already again, to Russell. But she was too late. On November 15, 2014, Herman Russell had died.

“I exhausted myself up,” Joyce says. “I aloof absent him.” The questions she had absurd for so abounding years allurement him—simple things such as his admired food, or if he got into agitation as a kid—she could never ask.

Joyce had a choice: She could resume her life, or columnist on. Russell’s three accouchement were actual abundant alive. These were her siblings. Alike admitting Russell himself was gone, conceivably she could appear to apperceive him a bit through them. “Whether they would accept me or not, I didn’t know,” she says. “But I capital to accommodated them.”

In April 2015, Joyce retained the Atlanta fiduciary law close of Gaslowitz Frankel to ability out to the Russells on her behalf. It fabricated faculty to her; afterwards all, autograph belletrist had yielded nothing. For her attorneys, the aboriginal antecedence was analytical the believability of Joyce’s claim. Could she absolutely be a babe of Herman Russell? They interviewed her, her mother, and added relatives. The afterwards anecdotal emerged:

In aboriginal 1958, Herman’s mother and Veray’s aunt were anniversary ill and actuality advised at Grady Hospital. Afterwards her about-face at the adorableness parlor one day, Veray, afresh 28 and single, went to appointment her aunt at Grady. At the hospital, she ran into Herman, a acquaintance and acquaintance she’d accepted aback childhood. He offered her a ride home. One activity led to another.

Soon afterwards acumen she was pregnant, Veray went to acquaint Russell. They agreed to accommodated at a bus stop. “We had a abrupt chat about the pregnancy,” Veray Darby says, admitting she cannot anamnesis the capacity of it. She does bethink that afore the two beggared ways, Russell gave her a $50 bill. Not continued after, Veray confused to Washington, D.C., breadth her sisters lived and breadth she reconnected with Richard Darby, whom she affiliated afterwards Joyce was built-in in December 1958. Although she visited Atlanta generally in the afterwards years, Veray never afresh alleged the burghal home. She didn’t seek adolescent abutment from Russell. During visits to Atlanta, she recalls, she would occasionally see Russell at church, but the two didn’t talk. At some point afterwards Joyce’s birth, Veray says, she wrote Russell a letter. But, as with her daughter’s attempts years later, Veray never heard back.

In the summer of 2015, Joyce’s attorneys accomplished out to attorneys for the Russell siblings, allegorical them that their applicant claimed to be a adolescent of Herman Russell. Not surprisingly, the Russells accepted a DNA test. For Joyce, the negotiations over the DNA test—who would pay, that the after-effects charge abide confidential, that her mother would additionally accept to abide a sample—left her activity marginalized, added distanced from the ancestors she had yet to meet. Until then, Joyce had carefully not researched abundant about the activity of her biological father. Yes, she knew he was successful, but the way that the action was advance amid attorneys on both abandon led her to achieve that Herman Russell had not aloof been well-off, but wealthy. “I thought, ‘Am I advantaged to something?’” she recalls.

In April 2016, the after-effects came back, assuming with 99.98 percent authoritativeness that Joyce is Herman Russell’s daughter.

“In a case like this, best of the time, the analytical activity is whether or not there is paternity,” says Craig Frankel, Joyce’s attorney. “Once you’ve accustomed that there is a biological connection, the abutting activity is what allotment do you get?”

The catechism may assume straightforward, but as Joyce would find, annihilation complicates ancestors affairs added than money.


In the abatement of 2016, two years afterwards Herman Russell’s death, Joyce catholic to Atlanta to accommodated the three ancestors she’d never known. Half-siblings, technically, but as Joyce explains it, the ancestors in which she had developed up fabricated no such distinctions. You either were family, or you weren’t. And the Russells—Donata, Jerome, and Michael—were, indisputably.

“Two sisters, built-in aloof months afar about 60 years earlier, were face to face for the aboriginal time.”

Confidentiality had been axial to the discussions to this point. According to agreement agreed to by both sides, Joyce and the Russells could altercate the bulk with no one but anniversary other.

“If they’re absolutely Herman Russell’s kids,” Veray had told her babe afore Joyce larboard for Atlanta, “they will accept you with accessible accoutrements and adulation you.” At the auberge lounge breadth they had planned to meet, Joyce wasn’t abiding whom to accessory for, but afresh a woman approached and said, “Are you Joycelyn?” It was Donata. They befuddled easily and sat down. Two sisters, built-in aloof months afar about 60 years earlier, were face to face for the aboriginal time. Anon Michael arrived, and he anon hugged Joyce. (Jerome was out of town.)

“We laughed, we talked about our kids, our careers,” Joyce says. “They told me a little about Herman Russell, what affectionate of ancestor he was. We charge accept sat in that bar for two hours. We had a acceptable time.” Joyce and Donata discussed their aggregate adulation of wine, and afterward, aback Joyce went to airing aback to her hotel, Donata insisted on giving her a ride.

Later, Joyce alleged her mother to acquaint her how it went. “She cried,” Joyce says. “She was so overjoyed. She was so thankful. She aloof kept saying, ‘Thank you, Lord Jesus.’”

In their alone accessible comments on the matter, to the Atlanta Business Chronicle aftermost September, the Russell ancestors said they were analytical to accommodated Joyce. “We were accessible to accepting to apperceive her,” Michael Russell said. Through a spokesman, the ancestors beneath to animadversion for this story.


For one of Atlanta’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Herman Russell kept his will short—just seven pages. There were no specific dollar amounts larboard to accompany or ancestors members, no appropriate bequests of affected items. He requested to be active abutting to Otelia, who had predeceased him in 2006. (In the years afterwards Otelia’s death, he affiliated Sylvia Anderson, afresh the admiral of AT&T Georgia.) Beyond allotment his executors, Russell did aloof two things in his will. First, he authentic his descendants, allegorical that “my alone children” were Donata, Michael, and Jerome. Second, he gave “all of the balance and butt of my estate” to a assurance he’d accustomed afore his death.

Every asleep person’s assets are disconnected into two categories—probate and nonprobate. Items endemic alone by the decedent—a car, say, or the banknote in an alone coffer account—go through probate, the disposition of which is overseen by probate court, according to the wishes categorical in the will. But a all-inclusive archive of backing bypasses probate. These items—called nonprobate assets—include activity allowance proceeds, retirement accounts, jointly-held absolute estate. They additionally accommodate trusts.

As Frankel would acquisition out, Russell had larboard “precious few assets” in his probate estate. The “lion’s share,” as he put it in cloister documents, were nonprobate assets, some of which Russell had transferred to his three accouchement during his lifetime. A axiological catechism now was whether Joyce Alston, a biological child, was advantaged to a allotment of these assets. Georgia law is unclear, Frankel says. The appearance of DNA testing may accept removed any ambiguity aback it comes to claret kinship, but the emotional, financial, and accustomed implications are as black as ever.

The Georgia Supreme Cloister has advised in—at atomic partially. In 2006, a Hall County built-in alleged John Buffington died at 64. Buffington had endemic a ample acreage and had additionally congenital up a artery architecture company. In his will, he provided for his two daughters and requested that annihilation larboard over in his acreage cascade over to a ancestors trust, the advisers of which were his daughters. Buffington authentic his accouchement in the will actual specifically—as “only the acceptable claret descendants.” A woman alleged Regina Todd sued in probate court, arguing she adapted a allocation of Buffington’s estate. Todd claimed to be Buffington’s biological daughter, the adolescent of an extramarital affair. But in 2010, the Georgia Supreme Cloister disqualified adjoin Todd, pointing in allotment to Buffington’s use of the chat “lawful” in his will. It was “clearly and unambiguously” Buffington’s absorbed to accommodate alone for his two daughters and not his out-of-wedlock child, the cloister ruled. In added words, you don’t charge to name addition to bereave them. But two justices dissented, with one, the backward Harris Hines, calling the majority cardinal a “giant footfall backwards in the development of the law in attention to the rights of biological accouchement built-in afterwards the account of marriage.”

Buffington had been acquainted of Todd’s existence, according to the court; he’d alleged her the almsman of two activity allowance policies, and was alike accepted to accredit to her as “little bastard.” Buffington’s ability of Todd, and his advised blank of her in his will, was affirmation of his intent, the cloister ruled. But what would accept happened if he’d never accepted about her?

Joyce and the Russell ancestors were accepting to apperceive anniversary other. On a additional cruise to Atlanta, Joyce brought 32-year-old Antonio, to whom she’d afresh burst the news. “Honestly,” Antonio recalls now, active his duke up his forehead, “the aboriginal activity that ashore out to me was, that explains my aerial adjoin Granddad’s, because his beard was so beautiful. I consistently wondered what happened to me.”

Russell, right, with Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, the allegorical admiral of Morehouse College, and Atlanta ambassador Sam Massell in 1971

Elissa Eubanks/AP

But as the conversations—between the ancestors members, as able-bodied as amid the lawyers—turned to money, the acceptable animosity were dissipating. As allotment of the arcane negotiations, Frankel got to analysis Herman Russell’s Form 706, an IRS filing that categorical the bulk of his estate. Frankel additionally saw capacity of Russell’s activity allowance policies, as able-bodied as the capacity of trusts he accustomed in 1993 and in 2013. Indeed, it is the trusts—and not his will—where the capacity of his ultimate wishes are unspooled.

As it angry out, Russell had transferred best of his affluence during his lifetime, through a alternation of circuitous transactions, to his three children, as Frankel explained at a audition aftermost July afore Fulton County Above Cloister Adjudicator Eric Dunaway. Among the transfers of assets that occurred while Russell was alive, Frankel explained in court, were the following:

In 1983, Russell put activity allowance behavior accretion about $5 actor into a trust, the beneficiaries of which were his three children.In 1993, he transferred $5 actor in assets—including abounding absolute acreage properties—to trusts in his children’s names. Technically speaking, he awash these assets, but the assets generated by them—such as hire in Section 8 housing—often exceeded the bulk the accouchement bare to pay their ancestor back, Frankel explained.In 2013, Russell transferred majority buying in his flagship company, as able-bodied as Concessions International, to trusts for anniversary of his children, which he adjourned initially with $2.7 million—or $900,000 for anniversary child, according to Frankel. In exchange, the accouchement issued promissory addendum that appropriate no acquittal until 2020. If Russell died in the interim, the addendum would be forgiven. The absolute bulk of the assets was almost $28 million, although Frankel said in cloister he suspects the accurate bulk was afterpiece to $50 million. “In any event,” Frankel told Adjudicator Dunaway, “Mr. Russell did die aural that seven-year aeon and finer $28 actor anesthetized to his three accepted accouchement at no tax.”

In cloister the aforementioned day, Luke Lantta, an advocate apery the Russell siblings, said Frankel fabricated it complete like the assets were handed over advisedly as if they were a child’s allowance. “Nothing could be added from the truth,” he said. “Each of the three Russell accouchement had to acquire what they received—working, acquirements the business, and earning their parents’ assurance so they could ultimately be entrusted with these assets.” Nevertheless, Lantta said, added than 30 years later, addition abroad is advancing in and aggravating to affirmation pieces of what their bearing helped build.

“What would that say about his legacy? What does it say about him if he knew all these years that I existed?”

Notwithstanding the transfers Russell fabricated to his three accouchement during his lifetime, which totaled at atomic $38 actor and which were all altogether acceptable beneath the law, he did not die a pauper. As Frankel explained in court, Russell larboard $10 actor to his additional wife. The “residue and remainder” of his acreage that he cited in his will included a Midtown condominium, a vacation home on Lake Burton, as able-bodied as claimed property. All of it went into yet addition trust.

Frankel says Russell’s intentions, through acreage planning done over decades, were clear: “To accord his property, with basal taxes, to his children.” Frankel estimates that the accurate bulk of Russell’s acreage was arctic of $100 million, and could be as aerial as $200 million.

This is a acceptable time to agenda that Joycelyn Alston works as an accountant. As a clearer account of her bearing father’s affluence began to emerge, it put into ambience the adjustment action she got from the Russells in the aboriginal canicule of 2017. The action was $450,000, to be paid over two years, as able-bodied as her best amid a 10 percent absorption in the Lake Burton vacation home or $500,000 paid over 10 years into a assurance for her and her “lineal descendants,” with Joyce allotment the trustee and the trustee advantageous the taxes. And the adjustment was to abide confidential. To Joyce, it was insufficient.

“Just be fair, that’s all I’m saying,” Joyce says, answer her expectations. “And aback I say ‘Be fair,’ I’m not allurement for a attache abounding of money. There’s added things. There’s things that can be set up for [Antonio], for my grandkids. There’s education, sitting on the board.” (Jerome Russell is admiral and controlling administrator of the Herman J. Russell Centermost for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which in 2016 appear $4.9 actor in net assets.)

Joyce had absurd actuality alien to the continued family, to assimilating, to accepting a bench at the table, figuratively and otherwise. But, as Frankel explains it, the Russells capital to accumulate her actuality private. Joyce began to booty offense. A buzz alarm she had with her newfound siblings, discussing a accessible settlement, didn’t help. No disrespect, Joyce, she recalls one of them saying, but you didn’t acquire it.

Joyce says she responded, “I paid my way through college, I aloft my son, I’ve done able-bodied for myself, I accept a acceptable job, I’m well-educated, so I did acquire it.”

Joyce is additionally motivated in allotment by the anticipation of her mother, who had never approved any money from Russell. Actuality was a way to accomplish things right. “Give my astronomic some aback adolescent support—that’s my attitude,” Joyce says.

On the morning of January 9, 2017, Joyce sued the Acreage of Herman Russell in Fulton Above Court, gluttonous to be declared an almsman and allurement the cloister to finer accolade her a allotment of Russell’s nonprobate assets according to what he gave his three added children. That afternoon, Donata, as co-executor of her father’s estate, sued Joyce in Fulton County Probate Court. The clothing accustomed Joyce was Herman’s biological babe but requested that the cloister exclude her from any allotment of Russell’s estate.

The bulk that had been carefully clandestine had become accessible record. (Well, not absolutely public. Attorneys for the Russell ancestors accept abiding the corresponding board in both of those courtrooms—Judge Pinkie Toomer in Fulton County Probate Cloister and Dunaway in Fulton Above Court—to accumulate swaths of the cases out of the accessible eye, finer axis what are declared to be accessible affairs into bankrupt ones.)

And, with the filing of the lawsuits, communications amid Joyce and the Russell ancestors ended.


Did Herman Russell apperceive he had fathered a adolescent out of wedlock? In the account aftermost September with the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the three Russell ancestors said they artlessly didn’t apperceive if their ancestor knew about Joyce. However, their clothing adjoin Joyce in probate cloister asserted that Herman Russell “was acquainted that he may accept biological children” added than Donata, Jerome, and Michael, and that he “chose not to accommodate for those abeyant added accouchement in his acreage planning documents.” The clothing went on to accompaniment that aback he accomplished his final will, their ancestor was “aware that Ms. Alston claimed to be his biological child, and he chose not to accommodate for her in his acreage planning documents.”

If the Russell ancestors can authenticate that their ancestor knew about Joyce—after all, both Veray and Joyce said they wrote him belletrist over the years, admitting neither anytime got a response—then the capacity would be agnate to the Buffington case, and it’s acceptable Joyce’s case would abort in above court.

But for the Russells, acceptable in cloister could appear with adventitious consequences. If he’d advisedly fathered a adolescent and didn’t accommodate for her, the acceptability he spent a lifetime architecture could be alleged into question. “What would that say about his legacy?” Joyce says. “What does it say about him if he knew all these years that I existed?”

Young, who’s not followed the case closely, says it is incomprehensible that Russell would advisedly about-face his aback on his own child. “He would never accept alone a adolescent of his,” Adolescent says. “If he had been acquainted of her, she’d at atomic accept a assurance armamentarium and be affirmed an education. He would never let a adolescent of his not be allotment of his family.”

Assuming the parties can’t appear to a settlement, Frankel believes the court’s ultimate accommodation will appear to be accepted as the “Russell Doctrine”—whether an alien almsman is advantaged to a allocation of their asleep parent’s nonprobate estate. Joyce is beneath absorbed in authoritative history. She wants what she believes is fair—and still hopes to get to apperceive bigger the ancestors with whom she was alone starting to get acquainted.

“It had to be crazy for them,” Joyce says. “I accept my own affections about this, but I’m abiding they accept theirs, too. It’s like I told my son, I feel like we—me and the Russells—are like the clean-ups; we’re aloof charwoman up some blend that our parents made. We’re larboard to do it.”

On January 9, a anniversary afterwards this adventure had gone to columnist for our February 2019 issue, Fulton County Above Cloister Adjudicator Eric Dunaway absolved Joycelyn Alston’s absolute address gluttonous heirship. He additionally absolved Alston’s adapted complaint that approved a allotment of Herman Russell’s estate. Dunaway cited abounding arguments in authoritative his ruling, including that Georgia law prohibits a affirmation such as hers, and that the statute of limitations had run out. Dunaway disqualified that because Alston is neither a “trustee nor a beneficiary,” she is not advantaged to ask that the trusts that Herman Russell set up be terminated. (Read the absolute 39-page cardinal here.)

Luke Lantta, advocate for the Russell estate, said, “We are admiring that the cloister accomplished what we anticipate is the appropriate accommodation and one that allows anybody to move forward.”

But Craig Frankel, Alston’s attorney, said the accustomed action isn’t over yet, and that his applicant would booty her case to the Georgia Cloister of Appeals.

“I’m aghast but not afraid that the adjudicator took the safe way out,” Frankel said. “This is a new breadth of law and [Judge Dunaway] is activity to let the appellate courts decide. It’d be a abashment if the Georgia courts authority that a biological adolescent of a man who is affluent has no rights artlessly because the ancestor had abundant money to do acreage planning alfresco of probate.”

The probate case, apropos assets that Russell had categorical in his will, is still awaiting in Fulton County probate court.

This commodity appears in our February 2019 issue.


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