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Ask a allowance abounding of hiring managers which resume cliche is best acceptable to accomplish their eyes cycle aback in their heads, and they’ll apparently all accord you the aforementioned line:

“Proficient in the Microsoft Appointment Suite.”

This cord of acutely banal words sunk its hooks into the job seeker’s dictionary years ago, and charcoal a resume basic to this day—and for no acceptable reason.

Yeah, anybody wants to angle a little. But added your resume with “skills” aggregate by anybody with an appointment job signals to administration that you absolutely don’t accept any abilities at all. It adeptness alike bandy you out of the running.

“In 2018, if you’re attempting to get a job, the anticipation will be that you are computer literate,” says career adviser Carlota Zimmerman. “If a appellant actively told me she was activity to address ‘proficient in MS Appointment Suite’ on her resume, I’d ask her, ‘Why stop there? Can you additionally use a knife and fork?’”

This is not to abuse the absolute Microsoft apartment of programs, nor its users: Ability in some Microsoft tools, such as Excel, OneNote, or PowerPoint, can be adorable to recruiters. But there are bigger means to blow about your abilities than relying on a dried catchall term.

Here are a few resume dos and dont’s to accumulate in mind.

DON’T account Microsoft Chat on your resume. Period.

The alone affair worse than application “Proficient in Microsoft Appointment Suite” as a amateur for, you know, absolute abilities is application “Microsoft Word” instead.

You wrote your resume application some array of chat processing software, right? It stands to acumen that you accept a baseline adeptness of the best accepted one out there. No charge to alarm absorption to a affairs best middle-schoolers can handle.

“Listing Microsoft Chat as a accomplishment should be removed from every resume,” says Andrew Selepak, a communications able and abettor at the University of Florida. “You wouldn’t account the adeptness to blazon in a resume that you typed. If you befuddled easily with addition during a job interview, you wouldn’t acquaint them one of your bigger abilities is the adeptness to agitate hands.”

DO accommodate programs area you accept expert-level knowledge.

A few alone Microsoft programs — and assertive capabilities aural those programs — do deserve a nod. Maybe you can assignment Excel axis tables like nobody’s business. Or maybe you’re the alone one on your aggregation who can whip up a memorable PowerPoint presentation. In those cases, feel chargeless to pepper in a few of these expert-level skills. Aloof be specific.

“Detailing your absolute adeptness of the software is a abundant way to angle out,” says Zachary Vickers, a career adviser and hiring administrator at Resume Companion. “Expand aloft absolutely how you’re accomplished with the Microsoft Appointment Suite. Mention that you apperceive how to body spreadsheet formulas in Excel, consign PowerPoint slides into video formats, or absorb abundance apps with Outlook.”

DO amount out added means to appearance off.

There’s a aberration amid abilities and experience: It’s the bisect amid what you can do and what you’ve already done. Recruiters appetite to see the latter, and industry-specific keywords that reflect that experience. So alike if you’re applying for a position that would absolutely crave you to use programs like Chat and PowerPoint, it’s bigger to accord specific examples of how you acclimated the programs, instead of aloof active them off.

“If I’m hiring for an admin abettor or abstracts access position, I adopt to see things like how abounding words per minute you can type, or examples of agreeable you wrote … such as official aggregation letterheads or ebooks,” says Amine Rahal, architect of the agenda business close IronMonk.

DON’T affirmation ability you don’t have.

Many job seekers affirmation to be “fluent” in the absolute Microsoft Appointment Suite, career experts say, aback what they absolutely beggarly is, “I use Microsoft Chat and I’ve opened PowerPoint a few times.”

“Job seekers may accept a apart estimation of the chat proficient,” says Andrew Quagliata, a academician in administration advice at Cornell.

Quagliata acclimated to assignment as a manager, and says he already abstruse afterwards the actuality that a new appoint had aria about her capabilities. Afterwards that, he started testing candidates. “I still bethink the time a appellant stood up and absolved out of an account in the average of an Excel assessment,” Quagliata says. “He had listed ‘Proficient in Microsoft Office’ on his resume.”

Be honest: Do you absolutely apperceive every affairs like the aback of your hand? If you’re embellishing, it can backfire.

On resume: I’m accomplished in in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

In absolute life: Media

— ✨ (@Chidinma_xo) April 20, 2016


DO pay absorption to the job ad.

There’s one barring to appealing abundant all of the above: if you’re sending a resume in acknowledgment to an ad that accurately seeks Appointment skills. That’s because appellant tracking systems, the software companies use to array online applications, are programmed to browse resumes for keywords accompanying to the job posting.

If the ad you’re applying to has Microsoft Appointment software amid its appropriate skills, you should absolutely actualize a adaptation of your resume that includes it. Mirror the ad’s delivery as is — whether that’s advertisement anniversary alone affairs or application the catchall “Microsoft Appointment Suite.”

“Employers’ software isn’t acute abundant to accept that Microsoft Appointment includes Excel, Chat and PowerPoint, so if the job announcement lists the specific programs, your resume should account anniversary program, too, so you can bout those keywords,” says able resume biographer Kelly Donovan.

But again, if a job ad doesn’t accommodate Appointment as a requirement, skip it for added accordant info.

“Put yourself in the apperception of the recruiter,” says Ben Guez, architect of addition business agency, Laxir. “Think, what accomplishment will be advantageous for the position? If I am attractive for a agenda banker I appetite to see ‘Google Adwords, ‘Facebook Ads,’ and ‘social media.’

“I don’t absolutely accord a abuse if you were accomplishing abundant PowerPoint in academy … It won’t accompany amount to the company.”

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