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ORANGE — The Mahar 50 Club is altruistic $3,000 to the Orange Scholarship Foundation to be acclimated for six $500 scholarships to Mahar students. At a board authoritativeness affair this week, Mahar 50 administrator Muriel Holden appear that aloof over $3,000 was aloft at the contempo reunion, including $463 from action admission raffle, $689 from the Silent Auction, $1,200 from the 120 Club, and the antithesis from donations and admission sales.

During the board affair several decisions were fabricated to advance the 50 Alliance for the abutting year. The better change will be the time and the location. Since the Athol-Orange Elks closed, and the ample anteroom is no best available, abutting year’s Alliance will be captivated in the Orange Armory. Details are still pending, but affairs are to activate the alliance mid afternoon, and serve an beforehand dinner. Socialization and raffles will activate about 3 pm, and the Silent Auction (with items donated from anniversary chic ) will be completed afterwards dinner.

Proceeds for this year are hardly beneath than in the past, as the acceptable Golf Tournament was cancelled. Other fundraising account will be accustomed by the committee, which will accommodated afresh in the bounce to agree affairs for the abutting reunion.

Committee associates additionally appropriate a few modifications to both the raffles and the accepted procedures for the gathering. Changes were appropriate to admission format, ID badges, and accepted allowance set up to accomplish it easier for bodies to associate amid classes.

Committee associates include: Muriel Holden (58 & 59), Jeri Ball Deyo (60), Ken Burrill (61), Janice Harty Lanou, Ilene Hitchcock Rowe (62), Cheryl Bundy Metevier (63), Sandi MacKnight Poirot, Alana Anderson Day (64), Sandi Woodbury Eklund (65), Pam Hurlburt Harris, (66), Maureen Roche Riendeau (67), and Rita Thompson (68). Anyone with suggestions (or added donations to the Scholarship Fund) should acquaintance Muriel Holden (978 249 9313) or their chic representative.

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