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Saturday, January 12th 2019. | resume
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The changes brought about by FASB’s new charter accounting accepted are advancing into abounding appearance for accounts departments that use U.S. GAAP for their banking reporting.

Many accessible companies are in their aftermost stages of implementing the standard, which takes aftereffect for them at the alpha of abutting year.

FASB gave clandestine companies an added year to comply, and already abounding of those companies accept amorphous creating an account of their leases and extracting the abstracts that will be bare to accede with the new standard.

Here are eight things aggregation accounts departments charge to apperceive as they assignment through the cogent changes associated with the new standard, which will accompany all leases assimilate the antithesis bedding for lessees in an accomplishment to accommodate added accuracy to banking account users:

Implementation is a big challenge. An cutting majority (87%) of companies surveyed by PwC at the alpha of the fourth division said adopting contempo accounting changes (including the acquirement acceptance and charter accounting standards) has been somewhat or absolute difficult. With absorption to the charter accounting changes, the allocation of respondents appraisement the afterward items as at atomic somewhat difficult was 77% for ensuring abyss of the charter population; 72% for anecdotic anchored leases; 69% for collection, affection assurance, and remediation of data; and 66% for animal basic or ability requirements.

Public companies are authoritative progress. The PwC analysis showed that aloof 4% of accessible companies accept completed their charter accounting implementation, but 80% accept their accomplishing in progress. Another 13% are assessing the appulse of the standard, and aloof 3% accept not started. Nonpublic companies, which accept an added year to apparatus the standard, are adequately analogously breach amid accomplishing in advance (35%), assessing the appulse (35%), and accept not started (28%).

Testing is an important step. Abounding accessible companies are activity through an important late-implementation exercise of testing their systems, according to Sheri Wyatt, CPA, a accomplice with PwC’s Accounting Advisory practice. Some of this testing takes abode through sample use cases that will actor absolute uses of companies’ charter accounting systems. Companies will run the use cases through their systems and additionally will account them manually or through Excel. If the after-effects are materially different, the aggregation will accept to boldness those differences.

Systems decisions accept varied. Added than bisected (58%) of accessible companies said in the PwC analysis that they are implementing new charter administration systems, while 17% said they are modifying or advance absolute systems. Almost division (22%) are application desktop applications such as spreadsheets. “I anticipate absolutely companies with ample portfolios … [with generally] in antithesis of 1,000 leases are attractive for a arrangement to leverage,” Wyatt said. “I do see a lot of abate portfolio companies that are saying, ‘I can do this application a spreadsheet.’” Nonpublic companies are added acceptable than accessible companies to plan to use spreadsheets, but Wyatt said added nonpublic companies may acquisition they charge charter administration systems as they get added into accomplishing and apprentice added about their needs.

Process improvements are possible. Although abounding companies are hasty to get into compliance, improvements in accounting processes additionally are actuality made. “Public companies appearance this as an befalling to enhance and accumulate their charter accounting action that to date has been abundantly chiral through spreadsheets,” Wyatt said. “[They are] aggravating to analyze some efficiencies as able-bodied as aloof bigger controls about that process, and so the arrangement is a abundant apparatus [for companies].”

Operational allowances may be explored. Some companies are attractive at their automatic processes for charter accounting and cerebration about added automation that may advance their accounting, Wyatt said. As companies accept aggregate all their leases into one repository, they are additionally seeing opportunities to booty advantage of economies of scale. “If I accept leases with a accurate aggregation beyond the business units that are alone negotiated, what if I amalgamate it and accept one adept charter and accommodate centrally?” Wyatt said. “Are there means I can abate the costs?”

Lease vs. buy decisions appear later. Because charter liabilities will be reflected on antithesis sheets, one of the advantages of leasing instead of affairs is accepting taken away. This may beggarly that companies will be added absorbed to acquirement items instead of leasing them, but Wyatt said abounding companies are too active with acquiescence appropriate now to accede that issue. “For assertive assets there may be a shift,” she said. “It’s a little aboriginal to tell. I do apperceive of a few audience that accept been attractive at some of their technology arrange to see whether there should be a about-face from charter against buy.”

Private companies can apprentice from accessible companies. Wyatt said some of her accessible aggregation audience that don’t accept calendar-year advertisement schedules are acquirements from the calendar-year companies. She said clandestine companies additionally should pay absorption to the accomplishing challenges faced by accessible companies. “Yes, you accept an added year,” she said. “But don’t belittle the accomplishment and that you would account from that added year to accomplish abiding you don’t accept some of the hiccups that maybe some of our accessible companies may be adverse now.”

— Ken Tysiac Media is the JofA’s beat director.

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